Meet the Trustees

Welcome to our Board of Directors. As trustees of a Christian faith-based organisation our Board believes in the God who is Love and in the transforming power of the Holy Spirit. Our trustees volunteer with Crossroads as an act of service and worship. Their connections with Tower Hamlets are varied but all are committed to the hope that Crossroads brings to people in our community who are hurting and wanting change.

Darren Baker, Chair

Darren has lived in Tower Hamlets for over 20 years and brings his knowledge of the area as something to share with the Board. Darren has been a trustee of Crossroads since October 2011 and was appointed Chair of the Board of Directors in September 2014. Darren is a GP with an interest in mental and emotional health and well-being; he is also a youth leader at his local church. Darren line manages our Manager. As Chair, Darren has overall responsibility for the good governance of Crossroads and leads the Board of Directors with a quiet sense of determination and purpose.

Meshiel Brown

Meshiel has been in Tower Hamlets for four years and has been a member of the Board of Directors since March 2015.  As a Major in the Salvation Army Meshiel is active in her local community in Poplar.  Meshiel has years of experience of working in deprived communities and has a skilled and dynamic approach to problem-solving and community development.  As well as her pastoral knowledge and experience Meshiel is interested in psychology and counselling and is currently pursuing training in this area.

Craig Herd, Treasurer

Craig joined the Board of Directors in October 2014 and was immediately appointed to the role of Treasurer given his background as a management accountant and his experience in change management.  Craig has brought a wealth of financial knowledge and professional expertise to Crossroads as he has led on our financial management and strategy development, including navigating Crossroads through a period of significant change.

Phil Slaney

Phil had been a supporter of Crossroads for many years when he was recruited to the Board of Directors in April 2015. Phil has a background in careers guidance and life coaching and is a trained psychotherapeutic counsellor, with his own private practice.  Phil takes the lead at Board level on clinical matters.  When Phil is not helping out at Crossroads he is busy in his local church. 

Diana Ivankovic

Diana has lived and worked in Tower Hamlets for over 25 years so the connection with local community is very important to her and is an area that she is currently putting quite a lot of her time and energy into. Diana is a qualified psychotherapeutic counsellor, working in private practice and as school counsellor in a local Alternative Provision school. Diana’s intention is to grow links between Crossroads Counselling and the local community, raising awareness of the importance of mental health for all and finding better and more efficient ways of promoting what Crossroads Counselling does in and for the community. Diana also helps run a local community group pop-in for residents of our neighbourhood to come and be together, share a meal or a cuppa or just to be with others in safe space.