About Crossroads


Crossroads Counselling is a Christian faith-based organisation deeply rooted in our local community of Tower Hamlets. Our vision is inspired by the text of Isaiah 61 – the Lord’s message of freedom. Our concern is for those people who feel trapped by the weight of their mental and emotional struggles. 


Our aim is to help clients, through counselling, to face and understand the reasons for their mental and emotional difficulties and to change at the deepest level, increasing their sense of mental and emotional well-being.  This often takes time and can be expensive.  

Affordable counselling is hard to find.  Crossroads is committed to providing low-cost, long-term, professional counselling for people on low incomes; people who might otherwise never be able to access counselling. 


Crossroads was formally constituted as an independent charity in December 1994. Over the period of our history we have established ourselves as a committed and resilient community project whose professionalism and expertise is recognised by GPs, statutory services, other agencies and community organisations alike, all of whom refer clients to us.

Board of Directors

Crossroads members appoint trustees who sit on our Board of Directors.  This Board is responsible for the good governance of our organisation and is legally responsible (to the Charity Commission) for always:

  • Acting in Crossroads’ best interests;
  • Managing Crossroads resources responsibly; and
  • Acting with reasonable care and skill

Crossroads has five trustees and is currently recruiting new board members.


Crossroads Counselling is a grassroots organisation with members who hold our Board of Directors to account for the decisions they make.

Crossroads Counselling is a registered charity (1043304) and a company limited by guarantee (2998471).  Our charitable objects are set out in our Memorandum of Association and our regulations for operating as a company are set out in our Articles of Association.