Become a Member

Membership is about active participation as supporters signal their intention to become involved in the life of Crossroads.  Some supporters choose membership:

  • Because of a belief in the value of community and local people helping each other
  • In support of a community response to the needs of local people struggling with mental and emotional health and well-being
  • As an act of service, expressing their Christian faith through active participation in a local community project
  • To belong to a community of people joined together for a common purpose

Company members have voting rights at our Annual General Meeting and any other Extraordinary General Meetings and have a role in appointing our trustees.

All members agree to pay a sum (not more than £10) as a contribution towards any debts or liabilities that Crossroads may have in the event that it is wound up as a charity.

Members also need to be able to sign to say that they are in agreement with our Statement of Ethos and Faith (see below). 

If you are interested in finding out more about membership please email for further information.

Statement of Ethos and Faith

We are an organisation inspired by the life and teaching of Jesus Christ.

Our purpose is to live out the message of Jesus Christ by working together to foster and encourage the building of a healthy community by promoting good mental and emotional well-being among individuals and couples.

We believe that through Jesus we are loved and accepted by God and have hope of transformation.

We trust in the guidance of God’s Spirit to meet our daily needs and inspire our work.

We declare our commitment to follow the example of Jesus’ ministry, embracing values of love, compassion, acceptance, equality, non-judgement and respect.

We live out this commitment by striving for excellence through the delivery of our counselling service, which has high professional standards and is accessible to all within our diverse community, especially those on low incomes.

We know that we need help to fulfil the aim of Crossroads and so we draw on the rich diversity of gifts and resources available to us through our local and wider community; volunteers, supporters and partners, all of whom help us with our work.