Can you help us raise £25,000 in this our 25th anniversary year?

Crossroads is a direct response to a very real need in our community; the need for long-term individual counselling for those on a low income who cannot afford private therapy. And the need is great. Current statutory provision within the borough is limited to short-term CBT or other brief psychological interventions or group therapy to the exclusion of individual therapy. There remains a significant gap in provision in Tower Hamlets for adults struggling with deep and complex mental and emotional issues, especially for those who need long-term, individual therapy. Added to this, low-cost, affordable therapy is hard to find, making it difficult for people on low incomes to access long-term, private therapy.

We are a small, independent charity that has been serving the people of Tower Hamlets since 1994. We raise all of our own funds. Can you help us raise £25,000 in this our 25th anniversary year?

More about what we do

We are repeatedly being told that we are living in a time of unknowns, of uncertainty, of division and disunity with growing anger and intolerance towards the other. There is lots to occupy our minds and make us feel anxious.

Perhaps we can ignore this collective sense of unease to a degree, it is out there but it does not immediately affect our daily lives. But what about those for whom their own personal situations and circumstances cause them, on a daily basis to experience anxiety and distress, anger and frustration, feelings of powerlessness, loss, emptiness and hopelessness, discord and disconnection, loneliness and isolation.

Crossroads is a wonderful service that helped me through a very difficult time in my life. I am extremely grateful for your help in getting back on track.

Crossroads Counselling was there when I needed it.

1 in 4 people in the UK will experience a mental health problem in any given year – so none of us are very far removed from someone we know and love who could be suffering mental and emotional distress right now.

Recognition of the importance of good mental and emotional health and well-being is a positive step forward. There is mindfulness, self-help, encouragements to talk and to share our problems, to process what is going on for us, to break down the stigma so long associated with poor mental health and emotional distress. Princes, footballers, actors and writers, celebrities and businessmen, no one is immune.

We have helped nearly 1200 clients since we began our work 25 years ago. Although small and not hugely visible Crossroads is highly regarded for the quality of the professional counselling service it provides. Let us tell you a bit more about ourselves:

  • We have a team of 19 volunteer counsellors
  • We schedule 65 individual counselling sessions per week
  • In 2018 we saw a total of 127 clients
  • 58% paid £10 or less per session and of those 64% paid £5 or less per session
  • Less than 7% of clients paid more than £30 per session
  • 37% of clients were in full-time employment
  • 33% were either in part-time employment, unemployed or suffered from a long-term illness
  • 40% of clients were on less than £150 per week
  • 47% were on less than £200 per week.

The long-term nature of our work means that we do not see a large number of clients per year; instead we see those clients who would otherwise never be able to access long-term therapy because of its ordinarily prohibitive cost.

You can see that we are a small response to what sometimes feels like an overwhelming need. We cannot and do not claim to need your money for anything exciting, innovative or glamorous. Our work is slow and steady, requiring patience, celebrating seemingly small, almost imperceptible achievements. And yet our work is transformative, helping to change people’s lives.

I want to say a big thank you for the help and support you offer. I think Crossroads does a great job and it is great you offer support to people who cannot afford to pay a large amount of money for counselling. Today I feel much better because of you.

In recent years, in times of austerity, we have done everything we can to keep our service going, increasing the number of volunteer counsellors we have and the number of clients we see.

But we operate on a shoestring, just about covering our costs year-on-year. To enable our counsellors to do the work they do, we need to boost our support team and strengthen our organisational base.

An additional £25,000 on top of our annual budget of £82,000 will help us bring in the additional skills and expertise we so badly need (fundraising and admin) and allow us to use our current resources more efficiently and effectively.

On the 8 December 2019 we will be celebrating 25 years since we were formally constituted as an independent charity.

To help us mark our 25th anniversary, can you help us raise £25,000 that will be the start of taking us into the next 25 years?

We serve some of the poorest and most disadvantaged people in our borough. It is a privilege to do so, with love and compassion. The process of counselling requires clients to dig deep. Can you dig deep to help us secure the future of Crossroads Counselling? Thank you.